Jason Wynn


First Appearance: Spawn # 12. What's the Story?: At 57, Jason Wynn is probably the most powerful man alive. He heads the United States Security Group, an umbrella organization which includes the CIA, NSA, NRC and NSC. He advises presidents, but is beholden to none. He tutors killers, but is free from their taint. When a secret operation is carried out, with or without congressional approval, the responsibility falls to his desk. At the same time, as a convenient way of justifying his presence at key times or places, he's established a 'cover' identity as an obscure department head at the CIA. Jason Broderick Wynn is at heart a simple man, with simple desires. His only goal is to be the brain, with the world as his body. He's never lifted arms to fight an enemy nor fired a shot in anger, yet there is blood on his hands beyond imagining. If he were asked to sum his life up in one word it would be "guts". The guts to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

From the very start, Wynn was an ambitious man. In high school, he was captain of the ROTC, defensive tackle for the football team and number one on the karate team. He went to West Point and graduated cum laudae. However, instead of pursuing his promising career in the Army, he went into government service, where he was first recruited by the CIA. In his initial assignment he served as a vice-presidential aide for Richard Nixon from 1958 to 1960, advising him on National Security issues from the Agency's point of view. Many assignments followed, from Dallas in 1963 to the Gulf of Tonkin the following year. Wynn sky-rocketed in the ranks of the intelligence community, helped along by a photographic memory and access to Hoover's files at the FBI. But serving the country was not enough. He wanted the country to serve him. Wynn has overseen projects from assassinations to interference in other nations' internal affairs. He can be at once aloof and yet earthy, befriending agents even as he sends them off to die. There is no remorse, merely cold calculation. Al Simmons was one of his operatives: recruited, manipulated and then disposed of by yet another temporary player. Then, over the past several months, a cascade of events has diminished his effectiveness: Wynn's place on the world stage is under siege. He contrived to put operative Terry Fitzgerald in a position to take the fall, but Spawn intervened, threatening to leak a dossier of his activities to the press. Wynn is now grudgingly in league with the Clown, as they move in counterpoint to reestablish Wynn's sphere of influence while working aggressively to thwart and humiliate Spawn.

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